Jun. 14th, 2017

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Okay, I exist again. But I am too goddamn tired to capoeira today. Partly physically from doing yardwork around everything else, mostly mentally from finishing up TS in two goddamn days with [personal profile] lireavue and getting it all submitted and filling out the world's most absurd author application on this one website and I was so punchy by the end of it. You guys. So punchy. But that's done and the Anthology Formerly Known As White Lightning got somehow bashed into place with a shitload of punchiness and drugs and now I can collapse for the next few days and just write/plan Malachy and Starlight. So that's good. Albeit oh my god I just want to sleep forever.

I did hit the point with Starlight where I realized it needs a full tear-down rebuild, which is fine. I'll do that for July Camp Nanowrimo! And because I'm lazy and don't want to keep track of everything I'll set a goal of full novel length and copy scenes into it wholesale because nyah. And it's Camp and the rules are more lax with Camp than with regular Nanowrimo. Hopefully this works out as well as the second drafts of Malachy and Turing Shrugged seem to have done.

... and now that most of the day jobligations are over I'm falling asleep at my desk, which means skipping out on capoeira was probably the right call.

I still need to do the garden weeding but it sounds like the boy got most of what was needed as far as gardening and taking plants down and all that other crap. I still have every intention of doing a massive housecleaning over the next few days while he's gone and I only have to deal with my mess. We'll see how that goes, if I can recover from this tired quickly ish. The push over the last two-three days was bad enough, but today's mass shootings hit both my home where I grew up (okay not in Alexandria but DC proper but STILL) and nearish to another branch of the family and that can't have been good for my brainpan.

So. Yeah, I think the order of operations of the day is go home, eat pizza maybe brainstorm some more for Starlight or fix some more of Malachy, do the weeding, and then sit curled up with makeup or knitting or cross-stitch or something equally relaxing and leave the internet off until the hour of nightly reminders. And go to bed early because this exhaustion is bullshit and I'm almost tired enough not to want the boy to go home but, eh, he should see his folks. But I'm so damn tired.


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