May. 30th, 2017

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Last night's adventures in palette eyeshadow didn't go so well. More tutorial videos! And more practice. And I'm reasonably sure at least part of it is due to using loose powders so much and expecting immediate lots and lots of color, rather than tapping off the brush and layering it on so it doesn't smear everywhere. I also seem to not have a suitable range of brushes? Or at least I don't know how to properly use the brushes I have to make the best use of them. But. Okay, so tapping off the color more, more layers and patience and less slapping it on there, it's not the loose powders the pigment isn't going to be that strong that instantly, and more layering of shades and less... something. I'll figure it out. And watch that video another three times.

And no, self, you really really really don't need more makeup I promise. Really. You've already got a care package coming and bought enough over the last several days.

(I swear I am set for foundation at least until the end of the year. It's absurd.)

I seem to have reached the part of writing White Lightning stories, or at least this last one, where I hate it and it sucks and the entire thing is awful and why did I think this would be a good idea anyway. I love that phase no really. ... Well, I don't hate it? At least by this point it's very familiar. Outside of the usual malaise I do have the sneaking suspicion something went wrong in the setting up of the story, but I'm not sure what so at this point I'm just trying to push through to the end. Yay.

Plus side, Starlight is going swimmingly. As much as it can when I fucked up the first have and will have to retroactively match it to the back half. But oh well. I'm really proud and pleased with how that's going even with that one side quest that took over way too much ground, and I think once I get it back it'll be reasonably good. Something. There were words here.

I need more boot boxes for my boots now. Well, a box for my boots because right now they're laying flat over my sock and sundries bins. I would also like my closet to be a little more finished instead of basically drywall, and also to have a light in it, but that's a whole other problem. Maybe I can discuss it with the boy tomorrow. We also need to figure out this whole flamethrowing the weeds thing, and the arborists thing, and figure out when we're going to start trying to heat gun the paint off the walls. Fixing up a fixer upper would be so much easier if we had the money to pay other people to do it and live in a hotel for six weeks. But on the other hand, heat guns and flamethrowers are fun too. So is painting and housework, really. The trick is finding the goddamn time.


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