May. 27th, 2017

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It turns out makeup primer actually does something! Who knew. On the other hand if it didn't do anything what the hell, the Tarte primer I tried was a free sample so fuckit. But at least the Tarte Poreless primer does something. At some point eventually maybe around Christmas I'll try a shitload of primers to see which one is most cost effective. Baking my face when I already have a loose powder I'm happy with, on the other hand, was fucking useless.

And speaking of useless in the category of makeup how goddamn hard is it to find a small open rectangular box in which to put my damn lipsticks? Apparently very. Is the answer. Nothing at Ten Thousand Villages, nothing at the antique store. I suspect I'm probably going to end up making one my own self out of leather? I don't even know. I do know I spent an hour trying to arrange my Ulta shopping cart into a form I was comfortable with, then reminded myself that stress-buying makeup primer and eyelash curlers was a bad habit to get into and stopped.

I can tell I'm stressed. Not just the endless shopping but I have no focus for writing work when day job is slow, and it's been slow maybe not so much this week? But last week it was dead as hell. Got nothing done.

I did at least get stuff done until I collapsed on the couch post-writing. Starlight was written some in, and now that I've shoved things around in the back of my head they're coming out more orderly, albeit resembling the first half not at all. So that's going to be fun to match up, argh. That's probably half the mental block of putting off sitting my ass down and writing it, I see you mindgoblin. Fuck off. I don't know what to do about the general lack of focus/exhaustion for anything else, except just to keep ploughing through it. Maybe if I try to start too many times in an hour I go on a one hour news fast. That might even work.

My bras came though, yay! Stupid expensive things. One box of makeup came, I have no idea where the Sephora is, which is even more irritating. And the other shirt I'd completely forgotten I ordered from Kohl's. So all in all it wasn't that horrible a day. I just miss the energy I had when things were good and I didn't have to worry about the incompetent fucking wannabe oligarchs running the country.


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