May. 15th, 2017

kittydesade: (not all of wisdom brings joy)
Been discussing makeup and things with various people and starting to wonder if I should do a tutorial or tips and tricks or something on using loose powder eyeshadows because holy hell the learning curve. I started getting loose powder shadows a while ago, only recently started using them consistently a year and a half ago when I discovered pixie epoxy. I think it was a year and a half ago? I know it really kicked into overdrive with the loss of David Bowie. :( But then, there's a learning curve. A definite learning curve, so. Yeah.

It can go with my fashion blogging of the apocalypse plan. I finally did start enacting that plan. I have no idea how it'll go but here it is?

I am terrifyingly makeup obsessed right now. I can't even begin to describe. I just want to go home and play around with the new toys. I'm in that phase of it where I have new colored pencils or new sketching pencils or a new software program for writing and I want to do nothing but fuck around with it forever and ever. It's a bit weird because this is just within the last year and a half, but then I remind myself who I idolized as a kid and it all makes sense now.

(David Bowie. For the new to this journal. It was David Bowie.)

It's really funny in a not at all funny way because there's the glee of new hobby or newly refreshed hobby pushing me to buy all the things, and then there's the stress of everything that's going on in this country (oh dear god the story about the Russians) pushing me to stress buy all the things and make a little pile of them, a fort where everything is beautiful and sparkly and nothing hurts. And I think I've mostly stomped on that well enough for now but ow my brain. My stupid brain.

But we are going to Dave and Buster's on the weekend, so that'll be fun. I need to get a haircut at some point hopefully before then but maybe not, so oh well, my own dumb fault for leaving it till the last minute. I'm probably going to chicken out of getting my brows waxed mostly because I have no idea if it's a good idea or not. But I'll have hopefully a fresh haircut and shiny makeup and a fun time stuffing my face with burger and throwing balls at clowns. And that's all what I want in a birthday really.


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