May. 11th, 2017

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I want to tell so many people this morning that they have forgotten the faces of their fathers. I should probably stay away from politics and Twitter and stay more with the Dark Tower. Not that I will, but I should.

On the other hand Elf Lord showed up and said something about Rosenstein and Guildencrantz and I about died and then tweeted it, as one does. So at least we'll all have something to amuse us as the political apocalypse takes place all around.

Still slowly getting my routines back under me, which is to say I got Hindi done but not Arabic, and my minimum words done in a story I need to progress but didn't go over, and did my minimum edits but didn't do much more. I didn't get nearly as much exercise as I needed to done this morning, although I did get a suggestion from a friend to control the groggy from the melatonin some! Hopefully. (The secret is apparently that melatonin typically comes in overlarge doses, apparently.) I did get some drawing practice in, in which I got a successful five minute life sketch done and cheered and danced and was all "I am an artist!" and then got a somewhat less successful five minute life sketch done and was all "I SUCK." Fortunately by now I'm more used to this from writing so it doesn't bother me nearly as much as it used to.

I don't know. Ugh. I should resign myself to not actually getting more than a couple of days in which I check off EVERY ticky box, given how many ticky boxes there are. I should focus on keeping moving forward. Sometimes it's hard, though.

But I got two nice shinies today, the makeup I ordered from Shiro out of the Fullmetal collection plus a free sample baggie of That Man Is Playing Galaga. Which name just flat out amuses me. I may wear that tomorrow. And two dresses, the Hot Topic galaxy cold shoulder dress in a size down because the size I got, while it fits, is indeed slightly loose on me and if I tone up any more it's going to be more loose, and then the Totoro dress by Her Universe because I've been coveting that for months. And it's my birthday, precious, and I wants it. And then the rest of my birthday presents should come over the next day or two, and hopefully next week Dave and Busters. If the boy wants to, anyway.


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