May. 4th, 2017

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So many things I want to say I want to do right now, so many Secret Service people who will come knocking on my door if I do. I did fax my Rep with ResistBot because I'm too mad to speak right now and may have obliquely called my Senator a mass-murdering fuckhead. Not at all sorry.

And then a thing happened that shot my focus in the other direction, that I'm not sure I'm supposed to talk about in public right now? It has to do with my books and my writing and Malachy and it could be a very good thing, at the very least it's a very encouraging thing. So.... yeah. Life, man. Don't talk to me about life.

(No, it was sent to me from a private Twitter account so better not I guess.)

A lot of the smaller routines of study are falling by the wayside this week (physics, Memrise) and I'll probably get them back just in time for the weekend to hit, but at least I've been hitting the major ones. Arabic and Hindi study is slowly coming back, and I'm getting back to writing and edits. And now that I've got an outside imposed deadline date for the Malachy edits maybe that'll light a fire under my ass, since Camp Nano clearly didn't. I need to do cover art for Malachy and finish the last story in White Lighting. (I need the world to stop being utter shit so I can focus.)

The world will, of course, not stop being utter shit so I can focus. So I guess I get to make use of my stubborn and learn to push through and where my limits are in this shitty new world. Whee.


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