Apr. 26th, 2017

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Aaaarrgh everything today has been chaotic and too much going on in too little time and aaaaargh. Also for whatever reason I had a dream last night where it was winter and icy and we were driving slow to work and everything was normal until a bus turned to go down a hill and skidded off the street and into a pedestrian. Which was followed shortly thereafter by a car just flat-out running over a person in the road. There was a fair amount of graphic blood thing. I have a vivid imagination and I wish it would quit picking on me.

The news, as it turns out, is not making me any less tired. Not that I really expected it to but people are rightfully freaking out about half a dozen things and some of them have descended into hopelessness and it's dragging me along with.

My boots are coming tomorrow? That's a happy thing, right? I'm trying to determine if I can get away with boots-OTK socks-shorts or skirt-cami-button down or jacket or if that'll just make me feel uncomfortable. Or if it depends on the clothes and how well they fit, which might also be true. Time will tell I guess.

And apparently I'm taking this week off. I haven't been doing any of my usual things, writing, editing, anything. The evening reminders. I'm exhausted, and I feel fairly guilty for not getting anything done and annoyed at feeling so exhausted, but I can't say it isn't good just to go to work and come home and play stupid games and relax. I don't know. Everything is so goddamn exhausting these days. I resent the hell out of it. I hope I can get back to routines next week. Or maybe get some started on them tomorrow.


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