Apr. 25th, 2017

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Well, I was considerably less cranky after I got home and napped for maybe an hour ish, although the boy had left for work by then. I get the impression he thought I was actually mad at him instead of just in pain and cranky because in addition to the milk i asked him to bring home he brought two chocolate chip muffins. Awww! And I did go ahead and get the Fryes with my tax refund given that I was planning on and budgeting for the expenditure anyway, and this does save me some of that money.

But since I wasn't planning on spending it for another month the schedule shift and change in what my bank balances look like as a result is really fucking with my head. Ugh.

Plus side the boot resoling place near to me, I have figured out where it is, it's both on the bus line and near a used bookstore, and it may be vaguely possible that they will resole boots while you wait. So that's very nice. I can get my boots fixed hopefully after I get my new boots and browse the used bookstore in the meantime!

... also argh now I want to spend the rest of my refund on clothes and makeup and no, self. We don't get to do that. We have a list of things we are buying with our refund and birthday money and going on a mad shopping spree is not on it. Stop watching the youtube videos and start getting back to edits.

(With a brief stop at well now I really am glad I got that sale because it apparently ends today at 9pm PST oops.)

I continue to be slightly worried about Cassius, who has dropped a significant amount of weight in the last couple months but whose personality is otherwise unchanged. And he seems to be moving better, so maybe it was the cold snap? I don't even know anymore, I'm just worried about him because he's back to having the lean and hungry look for which he was originally named. Fortunately he's not entirely skin and bones and I know he does have access to food, he comes to the food bowl every day and Barton's reasonably good about not crowding him away from it.

The boy's still making noises about finding someone who will take Bat Cat out of our household, but I really do think that unless we put him up with Furever Friends we're rather stuck with him. Which I honestly don't mind, except for Murdock's tendencies to decide he's an affront to everything. Ridiculous combative cat. But Murdock took wonderfully to Little Bit, so I guess it's just male territoriality. Meh.


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