Apr. 21st, 2017

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For shits and giggles I decided to try staying under the calorie count My Fitness Pal ascribes to me and while yes, it's probably true that my calorie count is out of balance given that I tend to weigh them more towards dinner than anything, I got dizzy and nauseous and tired trying to stay under the damn limit. Back to only paying attention to my protein tally! And sometimes my fat tally because I do like butter and cheese a little too much, but sometimes it's just nuts and meat and avocado or whatever and the hell with that.

I watched way too many beauty and fashion vloggers on youtube and now I want to go shopping with all of the money I don't actually have. So instead I'm going to go shopping in my closet tonight since it's a spa and courtesan night. First I'm going to eat a food, then I'm going to do the spa thing and shower and use some of my I shouldn't have bought this but I don't even care spa products and sand my feet and scrub my face and moisturize and then there will be a terrifying amount of going through my closet. Plus pictures if I can manage to get adequate lighting going on.

I took a couple days off of drawing and went back today with two minute life drawing (at some point I need to get back to manga drawing which I think might actually be better for all the life drawing? but might also involve tracing more so I can get the shapes in my fingers) and I think I am actually getting better at drawing the male figure! Yay! Not so much better at just sketching out a quick gesture and not fussing over the details in two minutes. Oops. There's one drawing that has about 3/4 of the person and then he's just missing a leg.

Iiii have no focus for writing, despite being in the perfect mindset to write the Malachy girls. This is kind of bad and weird. I think this means I should watch one vlogger video and then write and then as a reward for doing that and the rest of the day's writing work I can do some more videos of girls playing with shiny things.

No, I need to do this at home and preferably after food because I have no focus. I can attempt to write somewhere between all the clothes sorting. That actually might even work too.


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