Apr. 18th, 2017

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So this morning was less productive than previous but I did get some dishes washed and all the other usual morning stuff done. Except plants watered, because I think there was some sort of rain today. Though not as much as I expected so tomorrow is definitely a watering of plants day. (Today is a getting all the trash together and cleaning out the fridge to get it all out of the house day.)

I started in on one of the Viking books which is both highly informative and also highly aggravating because it makes me want to look at all the maps and peruse all the history and there is not enough time in my life dammit. But it's a good book, and should prove fairly useful for the purposes. And entertaining.

So far so good on keeping a balance of things, including getting exercise in even when I have a pounding headache in the morning. Getting up, getting everything done in time to water plants if I have to (or sit back and take it easy and play Summoner's War if I don't) and ... blegh. I'm also kind of on edge waiting for it to all collapse back again, but for being still fairly stressed out about the current regime and what it's doing to the country I'm ... doing fairly well at keeping to routines and such. I've fallen off a bit of the drawing practice but I plan to do some quick gesture drawings before bed to keep in practice. And the writing is going all right.

Nothing much to report other than the holding pattern is normalish. Also I'm stress-eating grapes again. Though now I kind of wonder when the last time I stress-ate grapes again and if it was three months ago. If so that might be the weirdest and most hilarious PMS craving ever. (I'm pretty sure it was more recent than that, but it still amuses me.)


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