Apr. 13th, 2017

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So, I went home. I napped for what was meant to be an hour and ended up being closer to two. Got up, dragged myself downstairs and hung around for a while and then went to bed early again. And I actually feel like a human being today! So probably skipping capoeira was the right call afterwards, as much as I sort of resent everything.

But this morning I saw one of the new tabbies, so far the only feral unnamed, out the back porch window and I did a small bit of weeding on the front walk (I'll do some more this evening and hopefully keep getting it bit by bit) and transliterated some Arabic on a sesame almond thing my aunt handed me, and all in all I feel better and more energetic and active. Which is a nice change from the past... week? Ugh, it feels like it's been forever.

I am slowly getting better at drawing men, though. I just hope there's enough gesture drawing/life model things featuring men that I can keep practicing.

The Star Wars twitter account sent out a Carrie Fisher tribute for the 40th anniversary, and now I'm crying so now all of you can too. Seriously, I had on some fabulous makeup and now it's probably all smeary. Bastards. But we all miss our space mom, how could we do anything but cry? Not only cry, of course. We also have to shoot stormtroopers, mouth off, fix the galaxy AGAIN, and paint everything in glitter.

I'm sort of revising my opinion on worrying about Cassius. Over the last couple of days I've been sitting on the front stoop and petting him and noticing in the daylight and not the utility room light, and up close is BOY he has a lot of white hair in his full pelt. He doesn't try to smack or bite except when I pick him up under the arms sort of? I may experiment with other ways of picking him up. But he still bunts and twins and today he licked the boy's bare toes when we were watering the plants. Go figure. So now I'm less worried about rabies and more worried about is there anything we can do to ease pain if he's getting arthritic. I think there are chewables though, or things we can put in his water. And if it comes down to it, hell, we could probably give him injections. Barton is considerably more aloof although will now deign to be petted on his back and head. Cassius is just a big floop.

NOW all I have to do is actually make the writing thing work today and I will be having a better day than I think I have had in a week and a half.


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