Apr. 10th, 2017

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Okay there, I think I've done the prioritization of the next few money inflows, and everything else can go to savings/CC debt. Ahahaahah oh god. *looks at CC debt cries*

(It's not actually that bad and I've got it on a zero interest plan for 99% of what's on there, it's just that last billing cycle I added a filling? two fillings? To it so it looks like I haven't paid it down in a month or two and it feels like I'm in an endless holding pattern and CC debt is the worst because half of it I did to myself and the other half is my goddamn teeth. Stupid teeth. I don't think I will be needing any fillings for like 4-5 years though. I hope. And all the root canals and other crap are done.)

I'm a little worried about Cassius. Apart from the fact that he was bitten by something several months ago he's been losing a little weight. Not much, but enough that he's no longer fat and now just sort of normal weight. That and he's been getting a little more skittish and temperamental, although he hasn't actually come at me yet except when I push him too far (i.e. I'm picking him up and he's giving clear signs of unhappiness and I keep going.) He still comes to me when I'm sitting on the stairs inside or out, for pettings, and he still rolls over and stretches and behaves relaxedly around me. So maybe it's just the two tabbies who've been coming around lately, since we haven't been giving them any greater of a share of food and I've actually been putting out some less to try and feed the cats and not the raccoons and possums. They can damn well forage for themselves.

I also hate that I'm tired all the time. Not all the time, just the past week. Which is understandable because working short-staffed for a six day week, and then one day to recover and back at work and it was a long fairly busy day and still slightly short staffed because Elf Lord had to go do a gig. But I hate it anyway. And there's nothing I can do about the politics and the murdering which is the other source of tiredness. And. And and and grrr.

I don't know. I started another knitting project today that I can keep at work since all my other projects involve more lace and counting than I want to do while out front. Or beads. This one is just straight stitching three pieces down for a length to eventually make a vet, so that's ideal for being out front. I started a Loki/Darcy fanfiction because someone left a comment on an old fic that got me reading it again and remembering how much I loved writing those two. Also of all the fanfic I've written this one is easy and just sort of happens (probably due to ongoing patterns ahem) so hopefully I can get that out and get back to my original stuff. Assuming I get room to breathe.

Aaaargh. Just. Argh. At least I got most of the stuff I meant to get done, done, today. Except for editing, but I got some words written in anything, kept the muscles going, which is the important thing. Maybe tomorrow will be less horrible.


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