Apr. 5th, 2017

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So thanks to staying up way later than I should have last night I am somewhat behind today, but not much. Morningwise I managed to get the cats fed and me fed and the trash out and me showered and the essentials exercised and my face put on. I managed to get the notes from my brainstorming last night dropped into the Starlight notes document and that fucking novel has a title. I'm so pleased. A title that works and feels right. And I went over my notes for Maybe It's Malachy and oh god that's right I'm in the section that isn't so much endless edits but endless adding new material, shoot me now.

Which is unfortunate because apparently while yesterday I had all of the energy and no focus, today I have all of the focus and no energy. Meh.

I was good, I got home and ate a fruit and made enchiladas instead of eating a giant plate of Skyline like I had intended to do because starving. But then my focus completely left again and I didn't even finish one scene without getting distracted.

And to top it all off Paul O'Neill of Trans Siberian Orchestra has died and I'm just filing all the complaints about today and going to bed, I think. May tomorrow be a better day.


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