Apr. 4th, 2017

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I am having a day that, despite having narrowed down my writing tasks to just a few things, is resulting in nothing getting done because what am focus ahahahah oh god. This displeases me.

I'd already deleted most? all? I think most of my LJs, I might now see if I can back up the entries I really liked from the one journal or so that I still cared about and delete the rest. I've been hanging on to my personal journal because I paid cashy money for a permanent account, but.... well. Yeah. I can't say I feel much of anything about this. Certainly not surprise. More like a dull 'oh yes, it's that time I guess.'

Work... well, today wasn't that bad. I'm still wary of what tomorrow will be like on short staff. And probably not going to capoeira this week, which means getting up and doing exercise and getting home and doing exercise and taking fifteen during work and doing exercise. So that's going to be fun, in addition to whatever the day brings, in addition to the cleaning I didn't get done today or yesterday oops. Bit by bit I guess. And I will try eating half a bagel at a time I think, because I suspect eating the entire bagel (of ALL THINGS) is what made me feel kind of bloated and ooky today.

I also managed to get some edits done on the one thing, though. Plus a whole bunch of semi-coherent notes on the other thing, which NOW HAS A TITLE. FINALLY. And I have notes to ponder of it, and once the notes I've made on the worldbuilding get solidified a bit hopefully I'll be able to finish. It's awkward because I want to go back and rewrite already and, no, it'll actually be easier if I rewrite the back half to align with the front half and have the back half written more correctly? More properly developed. Something.

But I also stayed up way too late persistently knitting on the Celestarium, so oh my god if I want to get any exercise done tomorrow I am going to bed. forty minutes late. oops.


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