Apr. 3rd, 2017

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Oy the entire weekend. Somehow in the morning either I was having a visual effects only migraine or the light was really weird as we were outside, either was likely, but I was so goddamn low energy in capoeira. But fortunately all we did was play some games and be ridiculous and then sing some songs. And at this point in my practice I think all I really have to do is work out a lot and keep practicing.

But THEN in the middle of class/practice I got a text from the boy 'come home asap' and I'm freaking out and calling him all who's sick who's dying what happened. Turns out Little Bit got out, which, the last time she got out I found her in the utility room an hour later and she just trotted right back in. So I wasn't nearly so worried, I stayed at class and we finished up and saw a hawk wheeling above downtown! And I went home distracted enough to forget my keys at work, oops, but eventually we did get her back inside. By the simple expedient of shutting all the cats in rooms upstairs, opening the doors and putting out food bowls and her cushion of safety so she could walk on in. She actually walked through seven goddamn times before we were able to close the doors behind her. A couple of the times I barely noticed until she trotted back on out again. Little twerp.

Meanwhile while all this was happening I was trying to clean the craft room and the boy was trying to clean and mop the kitchen and wipe down all the surfaces. Which was nice, it was something I'd been meaning to do for a while and hadn't gotten the time/energy to do. And he did get it done! And I got the craft room about halfway done, which is mainly down to it's been a mess for at least a year and I haven't kept up with it nearly as much as I should. Saturday I did a lot more picking up, and mopped about 2/3 of the living room and put some things away. And then I looked at a calendar and realized why I was on such a cleaning binge.

Downside is, there's only going to be so much I can do since I'm on a six day work week with the Aunt going to visit mom and the other aunts. This is going to do interesting things to my productivity levels.


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