Mar. 29th, 2017

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Okay! Today started out doing better with me getting stuff done before I left the house, including watering plants. Well, seeds in dirt. But there were small green things that I hope were intentional sprouts and not either weed sprouts or random tomatoes/poppies/IDEK what might have migrated into those pots over the winter. I am fairly well out of the Imitrex but since I'm also almost out of inhaler and birth control I can just refill all three at the same time. While it's still affordable. Heh. So, but yes, things going better. I actually feel like I can capoeira tonight, apart from the fear of how goddamn out of shape I am.

Which means drink an absurd amount of water, self. The first thing that knocks out your muscles is always, always dehydration. So we're drinking one and a half liters of water over the day.

I'd forgotten how annoying lace knitting is when you're using lace yarn and it takes forever, but I'd also forgotten how pretty it can be. Dammit. And now I want to knit all the things, and I have at least one project that was supposed to be done three goddamn months ago. Dammit, self. Calm down with the projects. And the stashing of yarn, you have umpteen skeins of yarn anyway and at least some of it is lace. Back from when you thought you couldn't do lace because your yarnovers were funky and you didn't know how much of a difference blocking made.

(Anyone who doubts the difference blocking makes, google image search for blocked/unblocked pictures. Holy hell.)

I did get some writing done today at least, and some php practice in because apparently that' a wild hair now. I got all the writing done for the day but the editing, hopefully I'm awake enough after capoeira to do that and physics. And other than that, I actually did manage to get most of my usual shit done for the day. So ... maybe things are going better? I hope. I really hope.


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