Mar. 27th, 2017

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Apparently I am still tired. Despite getting a... fair? Amount of sleep over the weekend. I'm setting my bedtime a little earlier and we'll see if that helps anything at all. Because this is fucking aggravating. Although eating donuts all weekend probably didn't help, now I feel disgusting in about ten different ways all related to garbage in, garbage is how you feel.

The most garbage thing I've had to eat today anyway is a small bag of potato chips, so. At some point there may be grapes. I did eat about a bag and a half of grapes over the weekend, that was not garbage food.

I think the biggest problem with feeling like garbage at this point is it's preventing me from getting any work done unless I'm wearing the loosest of sweats and can stretch out somewhere, preferably on my stomach or back. And maybe after a shower. I feel sweaty even though I haven't been sweating, kind of ooky, my stomach feels like it's going to be unfortunate at me and it's very distracting even though I don't think it actually has intentions. Just vague threats. And as a result I did get a relatively reasonable amount of day job work done, but I talked my way into spending the rest of the day knitting because I didn't feel like I had the concentration for anything else, never mind getting writing done. And I was going to do some cleaning tonight, too. Blergh.

I did manage to remember to get the timeline sheet back into my bag so I can take it home and enter it, though. And I got the list of cities in the US that are also fae realms. Small steps. I think today and tomorrow and maybe the rest of the week? Will be spent doing background work so hopefully I can just write Eochaid the Mad over the weekend. Or until Thursday, and then Friday through Monday will be hopefully the last White Lightning story. And then maybe I'll actually have the anthology out when I meant it to be! Dear god, not that. Gasp.


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