Mar. 24th, 2017

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I'm getting used to being emotionally tired. This fucking regime is emotionally exhausting with generally all of my responses to its actions being incredulity and anger. I'm not sure what happened last night to make me this physically tired, though. I thought it was a cold when I woke up with basically my throat and nose full of snot, but after the initial ick was cleared it never reappeared even after I got home, so I'm guessing it was just morning allergies? And most of the plants are still asleep? I have no idea.

I called off capoeira. Two shortish (20m and 1hr) naps did absolutely nothing for the exhaustion, if capoeira was in the afternoon I probably would go but I want to sleep in tomorrow and given that I already napped into the evening I knew I wasn't going to go to bed early. I have no idea what's going on but urgh. Hopefully it's only a temporary thing, it's only been today anyway. And the boy said he didn't sleep well last night, kept waking up every 45 minutes, so if he was waking up he might well have woken me up just enough that my sleep was disturbed but not enough so that I'd remember.

Sooooo blegh. You get a victory dance and a me complaining. HAHAHAHAHAHAH DIE AHCA DIE. My favorite part isn't even that the AHCA is dead, although that is at least 50% of it. It's also that it was so thoroughly killed, that the Republicans were left admitting to the press afterward that they didn't have a plan, that at least a couple of them have admitted publicly that they're the obstruction party, not the presents-alternatives party and they dont know how to present alternatives. Which hopefully will discredit a lot of future things they want to tear down.

... I'm going to remind my reps of that on Monday or in the morning when I'm better rested. i think we all should.


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