Mar. 23rd, 2017

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Yesterday was better, albeit a little spendy on the food because ... Because. I need to get better about that. But on the plus side I have leftovers for days. The capoeira demonstration went pretty well, there weren't that many people at the open house and I think it was fewer than the organizers had hoped, but we had fun.

(And since this is coming on the heels of yet another half-finished post about what I hoped for for the open house and how nervous I was [not very but still] I really, really need to get better about my daily check-ins.)

I did figure out how to get my cupcake though. Even though I don't have a craving for one anymore and by now it's mostly just humor value and stubborn.

I'm in a weird headspace where I'm not nervous per se about how much of my day to day chores I'm not keeping up with (especially since I generally manage to do 2/3 of them out of the week's worth) but I'm a little annoyed with myself, but it's not knocking down my self esteem any? Which I'm taking to mean I've finally internalized, yes life in general is a shitshow for almost everyone right now and you're going to be okay, but it sucks and take it easy on yourself. I'm ... not sure how I feel about that even though I intellectually know it's a good thing. Mostly I'm just surprised.

.... I might need to put reminders on my phone about the updating my web page part because I do at least need to keep up with current projects. Although right now it looks pretty updated, hmm. Miracle of miracles.

Yeah, mostly my life these days is writing, writing problems, trying to organize my head and figure out what I'm doing and where it's all going and how it all fits together. (Poorly. The answer is poorly.) Craft projects are happening but they're simple and relatively mindless so there's not much to talk about there. Blegh. Fucking politics. Eating up way more than its fair share of brainpower.


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