Mar. 16th, 2017

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Welp yesterday was a bust as far as keeping up with dailies goes. Wednesdays are always tricky though. And capoeira was exactly as bad as I feared, and then [personal profile] lireavue whacked me upside the head with yes and it always takes you a couple weeks to recover after being off for ... I think I was out for a week? Yeah, pretty much. So argh, but most of the brainweasels have stayed in whatever braincaves they lurk.

And I also came out of capoeira with an assignment to write filk. I'm not even kidding. This is going to be weird and interesting.

Getting close to the end of the Julien story, which is good because I need to get those finished and get into editing them and polishing them up. Sort of making progress with edits on Malachy, which is to say I'm typing up the notes and I've worked my way through the first chunk, I think, I'm slowly working through my research books and taking notes and tweaking things, and this is not the organized first round of line by line edits that Turing Shrugged was. Oops. Still, it's progressing. And I think it'll be a lot more solid if I do the first round edits with all of this either in mind or tweaked into solidity as I go along.

Ugh, I don't know. I still feel a bit like things are slipping through my fingers but also a lot more with it than I have in the last couple of days. Or at least a lot more capable of handling things. Called my Mom this afternoon and rec'd her Miss Fisher since she was watching Midsomer Murders and looking for more TV/film recs. And we said "okay, no politics, only fun stuff" at the start and within about five minutes ended up talking politics. Because that's how we do. But that helped too.

But I have to do taxes this weekend, ugh. Which means I have to figure out something fun to do after taxes to reward myself, preferably not a food reward or a spending money reward because ahahahah oh god the taxes I will have to pay. Maybe it'll be just curling up with one of my books and reading it all afternoon, or all Sunday afternoon. Actually that sounds like a really nice reward. Let's do that. I've got a lot of fun stuff I haven't even cracked yet.

(I have cracked Gneil's Norse Mythology book, and while it's definitely not going to be anywhere near an exhaustive listing of Norse mythology the man can spin a damn good yarn.)


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