Mar. 14th, 2017

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Ooh, and off of the last chunk of videos I just linked Youtube rec'd me a person who did a series on gesture drawing, which might be helpful as well. Videos here, and right now what I'm doing is blindly mimicking the gestures on scratch paper to get my hands used to the motions, and then trying to find a balance between my own gesture drawing and copying what I see on the screen. It's a process. It's a fun process though. I really need to remember to make more time for this. Even fifteen minutes a day.

It's pie day! I bought the aunts and uncles a bunch of small tortes pies to celebrate. Look, the bakery down the street has some really good pear and frangipane/almond torte that I will eat whenever I get a chance. And for today, that counts as pie.

I've been so damn distracted for at least the last 36 hours, first by getting very little sleep because of sleeping next to a running chainsaw all night, holy hell. He's usually not this bad, usually I can get him to roll over and he stops, but with this last sinus cold I don't know what happened? But boy the snoring. Ugh. Yesterday that and today the snow, today a bunch of orders at work taking two steps longer than usual, and now I'm getting to the end of the day and oh yeah I haven't checked in with anyone yet. But the good news is I haven't stress-eaten all of the ice cream ever. I think this is the point where I need to stop getting quarts of ice cream and start getting individual packs. No, I haven't been eating entire quarts, just more than I should in one sitting unless capoeira day.

(Speaking of which, heh, tomorrow may be my first day back in over a week which is kind of nerve-wracking, but at the same time WHO KNOWS. There might be ice on top of snow on the ground.)

Oogh. Things are very slowly getting done I guess. I just. Yesterday tired, today all the fiddly things and then the Maddow story dropped, and the Anderson Cooper on is getting less time but that looks to drop tomorrow and. I resent the hell out of having to devote this much energy to this current US regime, grrr. But the best I can do is keep going, keep myself in routines, try to keep everyone else there too. She said, eyeballing the hugeass twitter thread of tonight. I swear I've turned into a den mother or... I'll ask the boy in the morning what rank I should give myself as coxswain. That ought to amuse me and maybe both of us.


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