Mar. 10th, 2017

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I can't even tell what my state of health anymore is because first I was exhausted, then I was fine, then I was exhausted, then I was fine, and now I'm exhausted and not headachy but slightly feverish and I don't even fucking know what's going on anymore. Fuck everything.

I just hope I can get a significant amount of writing work done today and consequently go home and either crash early or do languages after a nap and crash on time so we can go to Dave and Busters tomorrow. I would really like to have one damn day to just hang out and relax and be ridiculous and have fun. Especially when it's a treat that involves skee-ball and carnival games and hopefully the Kung Fu Panda game will be there for punching things, and when I get tired there's always the lottery games for tickets and prizes. Which works a lot better if I'm not sick.

We did get the bigger cat carrier yesterday, which hopefully will alleviate some feline anxiety, and we went to the new pizza place which definitely had some new waitstaff/kitchen kinks to work out in the timing department, but the food was fairly tasty. It's only been open less than a week, I think it had been open three, four days by that time? So I will forgive it a long wait, especially when I can see people standing around the orders computer trying not to visibly panic.

And I did get home and get most of my languages done, which is a minor miracle considering I've been wanting to go to bed early all week.

I think if I can manage to stay awake through it today will be a day of typing up all my writing notes for Malachy so far, assuming I get through writing and edits with time to spare while I'm at work. Maybe starting with my cheat sheet/step by step list for self-publishing. If I'm very lucky and more alert than I have been I can also get some gesture or figure drawing done, which I did manage to do yesterday. I really, really need to do more of that. It is relaxing for me, I just forget that I was going to try to make it a priority again.

But I did start with this video yesterday, which at least starts with a number of 1 minute poses, which is useful. I started out not at all getting the spirit of gesture drawing and then after a bit of practice, doing better. But then I had to do another thing so that ended quickly. Maybe I'll spend some time tomorrow evening just doing that. There's some one minute poses, two minute poses, and five minute poses, so I'll have a chance to develop some mad leet skillz or something. Which isn't a phrase I've seen on the internet in years god I'm old.


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