Mar. 9th, 2017

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Well, I thought I wasn't getting sick, just slightly sleep deprived and I was going to be fine and maybe I should have gone to capoeira and then around 9.30 last night I started zoning out, and I'm reasonably sure it wasn't just carb overload given that I also slept until about 7. So. Oops.

Plus side, after lunch there was quite a bit of eating of basically sugar-and-flavoring-and-gelatin candy and the sugar kicked in the brain cells to where I managed to figure out huge chunks of this novel that had been fucking me up. And I think I've figured it all out! And I don't need to buy new research books for it. Minus side, now I'm really hyper and making all kinds of typing errors oops. But at least I wrote it down in a semi-organized fashion so I can go back and figure out what the fuck I was talking about in my sugar craze.

Other plus side, in my sugar craze I decided to talk about all my umpteen million (which turns out to be shy of 20!) projects going on right now, and that helped me organize what I'm working on, what needs doing, in sequence etc. So now my to-do list has been updated and my prioritizing is in the forefront of my mind. Sort of.

And! And I even managed to get my word count minimum through the sugar crash after the half box of candy went through me. And also ugh, now I remember why I try not to do that anymore. But I still have an hour and a half left at day job, mostly sedentary tasks to do, maybe I can get my edits done in time to not have much to do by the time I finally land home after dinner with the fam and errands and argh.

(Oddly, since I took yesterday off from capoeira and planned already to take Saturday off from capoeira, it feels almost like a vacation week. I hadn't realized how much I measure time by classes and the resultant aches and pains. Which makes going back and looking at the but when will I find time to do a martial art posts even funnier.)

And maybe it is the additional sleep, or maybe it's actually finally managing to cram in an exercise habit in the morning. Or maybe the extra sunlight slowly creeping in, but I continue to feel this entire week like I've got a handle on my life. Enjoying it while it lasts, because you know it never does.


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