Mar. 8th, 2017

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I, um. I think I figured out at least part of why Iron Fist is getting such bad reviews, and apart from the fact that I can't find writing credits who aren't comic book writers (this might just be due to a lack of updating), it probably also stems from the fact that the fight coordinator only has experience being fight coordinator and choreographer for one other show: Marco Polo, which isn't the best example of Asian fighting cinema of any kind anyway. Wuxia or Kung Fu or whatever any of the other genres/countries are called. And. Um. Between that and it doesn't look like they gave the guy who plays Danny Rand any extensive training at all? Two hours a day of wushu training um. I think the average for people who want to look like they know what they're doing is, what, six hours for three months? Come on, man!

Although this does make a little voice in the back of my head go "psst hey there's six months until DragonCon you could scale up your capoeira training" no. Shut it, voice. Go away.

La de dum finally getting around to sorting out the demons in the Pseudomonarchia for shits and giggles and making my own Pseudomonarchia and I cannot read the words "great president" anymore without thinking of the Moldy Carrot in Chief. Oops. I also started sketching them according to their descriptions for shits and giggles and maybe props later on, and discovered that I am absolutely shit at drawing maybe men, maybe just human beings. Plus side, I did find these people or this organization, and apparently there is life drawing timed sessions online! I may work on this.

Ugh, today was supposed to be a relaxed day of getting things done and instead, okay, yes, I got some things done but most of that was sketching or reading about three pages in the Grimoires book and the rest of the time was doing small fiddly things at work and bleeergh. And my headache is back and I didn't sleep well and I am not going to capoeira on the off chance that some of this is also illness. I am going home, making cheese sticks, and doing writing work with periodic capoeira training breaks because rarrrgh. I don't know. It hasn't exactly been a bad day, but I'm grumpy now.


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