Mar. 1st, 2017

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I feel like I've hit some sort of milestone. The lady who got my pickup book order for me at the local bookstore not only remembered me, but also that I was writing something and that I usually ordered 2-4 books at a time. She asked me how the writing was going, even! (Slowly, but the research is going great!) Which is true, but since the problem with the first draft was not enough grounding, well, that's not a bad thing to go slowly and keep one foot in the historical record. Archaeological record. Thing.

... Come to think of it since I was a bit rushed earlier, I might go back and pick up that Norse mythology book after all. Say hi more leisurely, and have a chat and an explanation or something. Assuming work doesn't explode.

And I did get some work done in Julien's story last night despite my brain being eaten up with secret societies, which was good. Last night was terrible for both concentration and self-love, given that I got home an hour early and was all "yay I have extra time to write" and then... got a lot of reading and researching done but very little writing. Reading and researching is important too, self. Especially if that's about all you can do with getting your face prodded with dental equipment.

... seriously though, reading these books is so much a help for organizing and grounding some of the background here. The Grimoires book gave me some of the originating cultures for the main grimoires used down history, the North Sea history book is giving me the countries and names and setting of the time to mash at least one of those cultures into another. I still need a book on Vikings. I have no idea which one but Open Syllabus Project is giving me some good ideas. Now I just have to at least try and wait till my book budget refreshes oops. (This might not actually happen in the interests of having everything I need for multiple novels, plus whatever else the whole vikings thing might inspire.

And then there's a whole other set of books I want to get for a novel idea that [personal profile] lireavue reblogged at me from tumblr, thaaaaanks. But that's for later. Probably. No, what I need to do is figure out the appropriate timeline intersections and then decide if I have suitable material on them or if I need to hoard like a dragon again/still/some more.

Oddly, I'm really happy right now with my writing progress though. Even with spending enough money to make me cringe slightly. (And then getting a list of potential other history books to read ahahahahah oh god.) I'm being productive, I'm learning things, and I'm spewing them out in the form of fiction, this is making me very happy. Team Ravenclaw FTW?
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Someday I will remember to fire up the Dreamwidth post creator and finish my check-ins but yesterday, it seems, was not that day.

So I got most of the work stuff done by the time I had to go to the dentist, no writing stuff but I got home absurdly early so that's less worrisome. They got me in thirty minutes before my actual appointment time and got me out of there three minutes before my actual appointment time so, heh, holy hell. And then I got home and petted cats and was so tired and jarred from all the equipment poking, prodding, vibrating, and buzzing in my mouth that I spent a couple hours just playing stupid phone games and trying not to fall asleep on the couch. I fucking hate dental work.

Since this was also about two hours before capoeira, needless to say I did not go. The last thing I want to do after I've been novacaine'd up is turn upside down and try to do complicated coordinated movements.

I'm incredibly tired and disheartened (and when I got home I was still half numb) which I think is making it difficult to write, but ugh, now I'm kicking myself for being four or five hours at home and not getting much of any writing done. I did get some reading done, self, that's more than adequate, especially when it's research reading for building up the tradition. And I'm getting writing done in the more immediate projects, too. And, hmm, the only thing I need immediately for the Malachy book is an understanding of which creatures are coming in where, so I really can and should get started on that.

I'm just so goddamn tired. Today, this week, the dentist appointment, and the state of the regime and everything else make me so very tired. Maybe I will go to bed early tonight whether or not I've written or edited much of anything and hope that helps something.

Oh, and for Wednesday currently I am reading... four books? I'm reading the Grimoires book by Owen Davies and a book called The Edge of the World about events in the North Sea between the fall of the Roman Empire and medieval times, I think. And then for fiction I'm still reading Delilah Devlin but I've put that down in favor of something called The Corpse-Rat King so I can give that back to the boy to give back to our friend. Especially since I read way faster than him, if I read it and pronounce it decent I might get us a digital copy that I can pass on to him.


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