Feb. 26th, 2017

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So, I don't normally talk about the woo-witchery stuff on here but this has happened two weekends in a row now, plus apparently binding the Evil Orange One against harming people is going mainstream. So, last time I called on the river while I did witchery and cleaned house, cleaning to cleanse away the corruption in the government, filing to ensnare all their bullshit in endless red tape, and self-pampering to ignite the happiness and care of those in need or in trouble. Today it was cleaning again with the corruption, gardening to grow the grass roots organizations helping the people, and knitting to bind up those who would do harm in endless knots until they cut that shit out. And by calling on the river I mean invoking the local river, which by the way is prehistoric. It predates the forming of the continents, that's how goddamn old it is, at least according to geologists and river-ologists. It's a really damn old river. It flows backwards because it's so old it goes "fuckit, I do what I want."

Apparently when I call on the river I get really really hyper, work all day, and then crash hard at the end of it. This is endlessly amusing to [personal profile] lireavue and as much as I really hope I don't have cause to call on the river much more, it's amusing to me too. I'm rule of threeing it up, three hours each for three different goals, and I've done it twice so there's one more time to go. Sometime in the next few weekends.

Apparently prehistoric river mana is really really really intoxicating. Who knew. (But seriously, this is "shit the country and my people are in danger and the world is on the verge of destabilizing" kind of power, don't try this at home kids.)

You get a check-in post on a weekend day because I did so much today and I want to have a record of it somewhere so I can look at that over the week and go "Yes, this is why I'm so tired." (That and I have a filling on Wednesday, ugh.)

Cleaned the boy's side of the living room including his absolutely filthy desk that had various items stuck to the table I don't even want to know with what. Wires can get sorted later tonight if I'm really, really energetic. I cleared out two of four raised garden beds and planted broccoli in them, planted snapdragon seed in the snapdragon rail baskets, planted zinnia and hollyhock and poppy and marigold in the front pots for the pollinators. I still need to clear the back pots and the other two raised garden beds, but this was a damn good start. I also think whenever we go to home depot we need to get a tarp to cover the grill. Which we damn well need to use more often, blegh. In time. I'll talk to the boy about what we want to do with that and see if I can get him to help clean off the porch.

Oh, and I made a watering station for passing dogs, since we have a number of dog bowls. Maybe we should get a couple more but for now there's a bed of mulch into which I plan to put some succulents, and a water bowl for any passing dogs. I'm fairly sure I was told once that people let their dogs come up and water at the feral cats' bowl, so that will make it easier on everyone.

Aaaaugh I am so riverdrunk. But also I should take a May sunday every year I think and go walk along the greenway and reconnect myself with the river, I feel bad about doing this without paying regular respect to it.


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