Feb. 24th, 2017

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Still irritated that I spent most of yesterday in a half-awake stupor. I've actually been more productive the last couple of weeks than I have since the scumbag was elected, but I'm still annoyed at underperforming sarcastic air quotes something something. Yes, I have an inflated view of my body's abilities to do shit and problems accepting my own limitations.

We're getting a butcher shop! We're getting a butcher shooooop. At least, I hope we're getting a butcher shop. There's one planning to settle into a building near my house that's been getting constructed up for a while, it looks like it'll be ready to open soon. That would be so amazing you guys. FRESH. MEAT. I mean we'd probably still stock up on the sales at the grocery stores, depending on their prices, but you guys I could walk up and get amazing steaks or something and it is so fine.

I have, I think, figured out that I'm doing Malachy next, which is fine, I've got a list of things I need to make for that including floor plans and timelines. Right now I need to finish up writing down my notes for Nerd Girls, which is good, I only have one section to go on that. And then I think Long Road between the two so I don't get the voices confused. Unless I get Turing Shrugged back between now and then and I'm... not even sure where I left that. I think I finished the first round of line edits down to figuring out where to better integrate the parrot? Augh.

And then obvs I need to get my ass moving on White Lightning. Yaaay. We'll see how much I get done of the current story this weekend and then I need to start laying out the stories and figuring out what else needs to happen other than each story gets edited and pasted in the Scriv file.

I wish I had something more interesting for you guys but this is pretty much my life. Cleaning the house (trying to keep it clean, ahahaha) and working on my novels and things and the occasional knitting but I'm in the middle of all my projects right now. And I know what I'm doing so there's nothing interesting there. I did get a passel of long-sleeved shirts (now of course that winter seems to have given up the fight against global warming, heh) so now I get to figure out how to layer like a stylish person and not a lump. Probably google will help me, but I also want to knit some cowls and drapes and things to go with it. Buuuuut hell if I know what I'm doing. Which is pretty much the story of my life.


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