Feb. 23rd, 2017

kittydesade: (and so good night)
I take it back, I do need a couple of research books, one to round out my collection of books on this cult and that one, one because a better edition of the whole Key of Solomon chaos was recommended to me. And then I've found three titles/authors on fashion that might also work for research for the whole thing and no, I'm being good and not buying them yet. I would however be getting a couple books out of the library by the same authors if the library website would ever damn work.

(It did after I swore at it, so now I have another book on hold, but oy that took forever.)

I had such grand intentions of getting a lot of stuff done today, and I did get most of the regular stuff done today, but then I ended up being so damn exhausted that when I came home I got a pokemon down the block and came back and finished eating dinner and sort of staggered my way through the rest of everything. So let's see, what do I need to remember that I intend to get done over the next few days.

House cleaning is the big one. Which is mostly just putting stuff away, reorganizing the bookshelf with all the stuff I'm going to read on the outside. I really, really need to get more floor to ceiling bookshelves into the office stat, I need more space for my non-fiction books so the fiction books can go where they currently are. Actually. Actually if I pick up the craft room this weekend I might be able to move some of the nonfiction there.Hmm.

Anyway. That's one thing. Another thing will be to finish taking notes on Nerd Girls and then put all the notes in the ongoing projects binder and do a much longer edit on Malachy. Keep writing on the various stories I've been working on, priority to White Lightning stories so I can get those drafted and off to Editrix. Survive Saturday capoeira, I don't know if I'm going to do anything else after that or if I'm just going to come home and clean. Um. Knit, now that I've finally picked up my knitting again as a regular thing and not an I'm going to fuck off and spend the rest of forever knitting so I don't have to think about what's happening. I think that's been my main fear because god knows it's tempting just to pretend that the world outside my town and my house doesn't exist.

If I have extra time this weekend, even taking an hour to clear out the garden and churn up the soil would be a good idea. But I won't count on getting that done. And I have a bunch of books to finish reading, a book of shadows for my baby witches in this novel to sketch out if not write entirely (hey, maybe I can sell that as a tie in) and. Whatever else I usually do to do. I am so tired I am falling over early. Meh.


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