Feb. 22nd, 2017

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You all laugh, but I have just now realized that if I want to have actual magic users in this book I can't start from Crowley or Gardener or what have you, I have to create an entirely new fucking magical tradition that either unifies all of them or pulls from some of them or looks down on all of them as fucking hipsters why. Oh my god I can't believe I did this to myself. Self, that was stupid. I mean, at least I know what I'm wiki-ing for the next ever? Plus I have kind of a framework already from rewriting the Covenant and using that as a starting point to shoot off of. But boy was this stupid.

Blergh capoeira. Although for once I actually feel like I have energy for it. If not suitable hydration oops. I keep meaning to drink more than I normally do in a day and I haven't managed it yet. Maybe I just take the water bottle to class. Also I need a new water bottle.

I am sort of successfully sitting on the urge to buy new research books, or at least confining any that I buy to being relevant to the Lifestyles of the Modern Witch series. Which means I actually have almost all the books I need except possibly some on the history of fashion, history of makeup, things like that. History of Holmby Hills? But things like that, and maybe if there's a Domesday book on immigrant families something about that. Everything else I've got through, and those would be things I'd pull one or two bits out of and not use again, so I think those can stay un-bought.

And! And I was able to get my writing, my edits, and a wiki article started for the damn magical lineage before I went to capoeira! Which was good because I ended up being thoroughly distracted. Go me.


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