Feb. 20th, 2017

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So Cassius seems to be doing well, and while I wish there was a test for rabies that didn't involve killing the animal to be tested, I think he's going to be fine. Also most of the animals he would have been fighting with who might have bitten him, assuming that's a bite, still regularly come to the garage for food and none of them appear rabid so I'm going to say he's going to be fine. There was a scare with Bat Cat over the weekend where, after tangling with Mikey and Murdock in succession, he was favoring a back leg and not moving unless he absolutely had to, but by yesterday afternoon he was stretching and standing up and walking around, and today he was jumping on and off the furniture as per usual so I'm going to go ahead and assume he pulled something, rested it, and is now going to be fine as well. (There wasn't any blood that we could see, smell, or touch, so I assume it wasn't a hull structure issue.)

I can feel my brain gearing up to be hyper at me, this is not what I want, brain. Fuck off or at least make yourself useful and tackle some of the remaining problems lurking back there having to do with... I don't know. What project to work on next. How to integrate the villain better into Nerd Girls. Class schedules.

Work is... not so much busy today but holy hell one of our wholesale customers ordered 130lb of chemicals oy. All the heavy lifting. Fortunately also not very time consuming. But oy.

I have paid off my credit card that has become my research book buying allowance (order a bunch of books, pay for them lump sum with credit card, pay off credit card at the end of every month, collect points and build credit yay!) and now I want to go on another research book buying spree but oh my god self, read the ones you got first. Calm down. This is the same problem as my brain being hyper, you cannot in fact divide yourself into quantum entities and do everything at once. Humans don't work that way. I'm not even sure quantum works that way.

In the interests of keeping my mind calm and not full of directionless energy, let's get some plans for today. Get the day jobligations done, all that packed. Get some writing done, the word count minimum in Julien and then finish out the character articles for Nerd Girls. Finish whatever section I'm on in Nerd Girls, 2nd I think. If I can finish taking notes on Nerd Girls at home I can probably start in on rewriting either Malachy or Long Road tomorrow, which means I have a direction for reading a bunch of the research books I have, so that's good. And that's enough to be trying to work on at work. If I end up with extra time I can get several chunks more into the erotica book I was allegedly working on that somehow got swallowed up somewhere I don't know where.

Get your minds out of the gutter that's not... oh never mind.


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