Feb. 16th, 2017

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Someday in the not likely near future I will stop beginning posts with cat updates. When I got home after class yesterday I gave Cassius and Barton their evening meal, and Barton initiated some head-licking on Cassius, which was well received. This morning Cassius was not enthusiastic but allowed me to pet him, although part of that could have been that we were outside (which is unusual lately) where people could see us and I was affronting his dignity. He didn't swipe or bite, though, he did let me pet him after going a small distance away and then deciding it was okay and coming back.

Bat Cat continues to roam the house un-battled, although there is some hissing and the occasional raised paw when they get too close. It seems like everyone's getting used to him, and he to the others, though.

I cast on a NEW knitting project at work today despite the fact that I have umpteen on needles at home. Primarily this is because I forgot to keep a knitting project at work in case I randomly want one during the day, which did happen today. Oh well. It's a cowl with bulky yarn, so it should go fairly quickly.

Between that and the new Pokemon Go 'mon that dropped today that's a whole pile of do not want to write that I'm slogging through today. I want to knit and catch pokemon and do other fun stuff, not write! Which is to say I want to do stuff other than the fun stuff I'm already doing bleeeegh. Blegh I say. Though for another plus, part of writing work right now is listening to an endless chunk of music and making a playlist for one character since her schtick, as far as I have developed her, is music nerdery. Which means I have background music while I knit and don't write!

I should get back to drafting shouldn't I. Before someone murders me in my sleep and leaves my body in the chimney.

Ordered makeup, more than I meant to because Fyrinnae discontinued a bunch of their colors including a couple I'd meant to get samples of and one that I'd meant to get a full jar of so, got those. Ordered long-sleeve shirts. At the middle of February, heh, so I'll have a month or two more of wearing them and then put them away for the warm months, but at least I'll have a better range of stylish grown-up looking shirts for the winter. I need a new pair of dance shoes for capoeira, which I keep putting off because it irritates me how expensive they are but I probably should get them considering mine are almost worn through at the holes.

And I folded and put away the laundry, which is rather amazing considering how that never happens. And and. And I need some kind of paper doll program into which I can put my wardrobe and then have an idea of what different looks would be like and what I need to get to continue my style. Or I just need a portable personal dresser. I'm having a hard time believing I'm an adult today.


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