Feb. 15th, 2017

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So, last night I go to swab Cassius and he was hissing at Barton, which I'm not sure what to make of that. Any time Barton came close to Cassius on the perch he was hissed or yowled at. My hindbrain is screeching rabies this is a sign of rabies unnatural behavior unnatural behavior but Cassius would also let me pet him and snuggle him and kiss his forehead and doctor his foot with no problem, although he didn't want to eat the treats (I think he did later). So... pfff. But he did eat with an appetite this morning. I'm not sure, maybe they had a fight? (Since it happened on Valentine's Day Anna decided it was a lover's quarrel.) They've always been cozy and bumped heads and nuzzled, though. It makes me a bit worried. But Cassius remains friendly and free of other symptoms, and I'm not entirely even sure it is a bite and not just a really bad gouge or abrasion, so my hindbrain can just shut up.

I have solved the mystery of the weirdass oranges the boy got me, which were too light colored for blood oranges and did not taste like grapefruit in an orange shell. Turns out they're Cara Cara oranges, which are hardy and nutritious and tasty. And container growable, and hardy to zone 8 which, oranges, what? I'm sorely tempted to get a plant and try growing it. They're pink. It's very weird. But they taste very good.

Last night's lecture turned out to be more of a lecture plus singing, which is fine it was on the murder death love ballads so we got some good singing. I took notes that were mostly names and keywords, but I also learned that the two sisters song I've always had a weird fascination for dates back to the Viking invasions of England. There's no reason I should be surprised by that, but I kind of was.

Despite complaining that I had no idea how to get between the major beats of the short story I'm working on I somehow accidentally a foreshadowing and provided myself with what might be enough material to get between the major beats and tie it all in to the characters' first appearance in a novel already draft. So. Go me? As per usual I'm trying to get this all written and sorted or at least all of the ticky boxes on my Habitica checked off except maybe evening stretches, before I go to capoeira. Which I will be surprised if I get through that and manage to stay awake long enough to stuff food in my gob before I pass out. I've been really tired at least since Friday. I'm not sure if it's insufficient recovery time or spell backlash from Sunday or all the cleaning I did Sunday or the political stress or IDEK there are so many stressors. How do I choose some. This weekend I am once again curling up in my damn house and not leaving it (aside from capoeira) and reading and sleeping. A lot. Outside world be damned.

I have little else oh. I did read all three of Stephen Blackmoore's Eric Carter books last weekend, and by last weekend I mean mostly last Saturday. Because yes they are that good to keep my attention and have me shrieking at them for an entire day. Highly recommend. And now I'm on Delilah Devlin's urban fantasy Shattered Souls which is not bad so far. I'm on a mission for 100 books mainly from my backlog this year. So far so good!


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