Feb. 14th, 2017

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Well, that was an entertaining morning catwise. Bat Cat attempted to tempt me with his belly. No, dear, I know that's a trap. But we did have some nice moments of sitting and petting and then I sat and did some language exercises on my phone and he sat in company and rolled around some more. There was a lot of cheek rubbing. Bit by bit, I think. Still need to get him FIV tested. Cassius was a pain to swab today, less because he was defensive and more because he just didn't want me to have his hind feet, lots of squirming and turning around. Eventually I swabbed him after he decided food was more important than keeping me away from his hind feet and gave him his treats. Which he turned out to like better than the other kind of treats! So maybe I can continue to bribe him. The injury looks somewhat darker, but in the sense of scabbing over, and there's still no fever, pus, or other sign of infirmity, so hopefully that'll go well too.

Current state of politics: I finished a filk on current events to the tune of Nightmare Before Christmas's What's This. [personal profile] lireavue enabled and prodded in places and we are both very punchy okay. I mean yay that Flynn is gone but there had damn well better be an explanation of some kind and also prosecutions. There probably won't be but I'm going to hope and scream anyway.

I have a lecture tonight at a library on Appalachian folklore which apparently is Appalachian Love and Murder Ballads. Happy Valentine's Day to me? Not that it would have been much of one because the boy's working his fourth twelve-hour graveyard shift in a row, is exhausted, and we'll do something later. Besides, he got me Pop dolls. I have yet to figure out what on earth he wants from books or dvds or what have you, though.

I did at least figure out the magic system I'm working with for the main character for Nerd Girls! Now I just need to figure out the secondary character, get that and some other notes dropped into the Scriv Wiki thing, aaaand I have no idea. Get moving on edits I suppose. Get moving on short stories and the alleged erotica. Things and stuff and if this is how I'm going to feel on days after doing all the things I really need not to do all the things tonight so I'm not too exhausted to kick things tomorrow. Blargh. I need more time. Or time folding. A time turner. So I can sleep and do everything else too.


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