Feb. 13th, 2017

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Ooof well that was a weekend. Spent most of Saturday curled up and reading, which was sorely needed, spent most of Sunday cleaning, which was also sorely needed, but absolutely none of either day writing or studying, which makes me grumpy. But hell, I got a lot of stuff done. And yes, relaxing and resting does count as getting stuff done. So there, self.

Plus even on crappy sleep I was rested enough today to get a bunch of writing done, some edits on Nerd Girls done, and vomit out a pile of tweets about a Robin Hood novel set on a college campus because everything is set on a college campus. (Also because I'd just finished reading a tumblr post about college campuses as liminal spaces as fairy lands. Which I have read that book and it is a prized book on a shelf of honor.) I don't know if the Robin Hood book will ever get written but it did take over my brain and make me incredibly hyper for fifteen to twenty, as the new ideas latching into my brain do.

(I really, really also need to get back into the habit of accounting for myself on Imzy, come to that.)

I got home, I got groceries, I got fruit, I did some dishes and made the boy's tea and my mango lassi. Which still needs either some sugar or to start out with vanilla yogurt, I'm not sure which, but it's not bad. I even got my languages done and finished part 1 of the Nerd Girls first draft which, yes, amounted to "expand here and here and here and here and keep this dialogue and oh god figure out your magic system already." I got out some of the shirts I've been meaning to play with as far as cutting up and making all punk again goes. Figured I might as well. I'm not sure how it looks yet, the mirror's upstairs and I'm finishing a movie and also I don't want to get up off the couch.

And about 75% of this is I can't deal with politics anymore and 25% is I'm having some body issues and I just started filking Nightmare Before Christmas to the current political situation so it's probably time to go to bed now.


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