Feb. 11th, 2017

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Spent most of today either curled up asleep in bed or curled up on the couch reading, but an update on the cats so far:

Bat Cat is home! I was woken up at 1.30 in the morning to be told so, but apparently he did come back to the door for food and warmth since half the reason we brought him inside in the first place is because the rest of the clowder took exception to him sharing the garage/utility room. And now he is home and back in his quarantine room, in between coming out for walks and being shadowed as he explores the house.

Cassius bedded down in the utility room for the night, was gone shortly after breakfast, and has come back for the night. His injury doesn't look much worse but he is sweating out of his paws, which makes me want to get him in for an antibiotic shot and maybe a bandage. And then we can stick him into one of the OTHER rooms for quarantine, hopefully. Barton will have to live without his company for a day or two. Or we can bag Barton and stick him in the room with him.

But so far, so much better. Part of the sleeping for ten hours today, I think, was relief.


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