Feb. 9th, 2017

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Today's politics... well, still a clusterfuck of absurd proportions and even worse since I started typing this yesterday but the other night I got declared the coxswain of the Resistance so that made me smile quite a bit. As did contemplating spamming my Congressfolk with Evil Supply Co cards that say 'Good Job On Your Evil Deed'

Ahem. I'm just a bit punchy. Also exhausted.

Capoeira was fun but oh my god, we ended up doing drills all evening with chairs as our opponents and I hurt. We had 15 minutes per movement for the first hour ish, then down to 10 or 5 minutes per move the second. And today I am not only achey (surprisingly less so than I expected) I am really damn exhausted. And what I should do is more of it when I get home just to keep up. But ugh so tired. Emotionally tired as well as physically, see also the clusterfuck that is US politics.

Plus side, I did manage to get some Nerd Girls done yesterday. I did get a fair amount of writing done today and I got my languages done, some reasonable translations (yay progress in Hindi!) but since I spent most of today's exercise time asleep, most of today's writing time was spent exercising. Oops. I can't say it's a need of time management skills so much as it is a need to remember that after class I sleep for twelve hours. Well, eight. But it feels like twelve.

I did stress buy some makeup, and then the boy bought me some Pop dolls for Valentine's Day because he's adorable like that. Unfortunately most of what he wants are things like movies or books or something and I have no idea which ones he wants most especially, so aaargh. But I may think of something, I may get a couple seasons of Vikings or Black Sails or something else that I know he's been watching. Or just an Amazon gift certificate, hell. I know he likes his kindle. Yes, at this point I'm thinking out loud at you all because two hours of drills! I am still tired.

I don't have much else to babble at y'all right now. But rest assured that when politics shake out more I will be a flailing Pesto ball of ... something. For those of you who remember the Animaniacs I've turned into Pesto on Twitter, which is to say that someone will RT or say something and all of a sudden I'll be tapping out a twelve-to-twenty tweet thread that basically amounts to DOES THIS LOOK LIKE A GAME TO YOU? ARE WE ROLLING DICE? IS THIS A GIANT GAME OF RISK? WHERE ARE YOUR PIECES? etc etc. In a very Joe Pesci way, but a small woman in sparkly glitter.


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