Feb. 7th, 2017

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Current political mood: I want to set everything on fire and I want to gather up all my neighborhood children, quit my job, and show them the wonders of learning. And there's DAPL bullshit, and a couple other things and guys I am so so tired.

I did manage to get up and do some exercise this morning, although I've figured out that another part of my reluctance is that my strength building exercises are for shit right now, so I want to crap out because I'm no good at them. No, self. That's not how this works. I have no idea how to motivate myself through it though other than just to push through. Meh.

my brain is exhausted and fogged so in lieu of that you get a to-do to-done list

(Oh my god I have been on such a tear today about the importance of Horse Stance or something like it in martial arts and people who want to look like they know how to do martial arts I cannot even begin to tell you. This is entirely Iron Fist and Finn Jones' fault. I have no idea where that comparison post with Jet Li went but I wish I'd reblogged it or bookmarked it so I could point and go THIS THIS IS WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS SHOW.)

To Do
2. 10 pages of Nerd Girls
3. Entry in the New Amsterdam wiki
8. More yoga/stretches/low-impact body-weight strength building (HORSE STANCE)

To Done
1. French/German/Italian duolingo
2. Hindi translation finished
3. At least 5 words copied over in Arabic
4. Let Batty Catty out to walk around the living room
5. Called congressperson
6. 500 words in Julien
7. Dishes in the sink


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