Jan. 26th, 2017

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I'm so tempted to delete my twitter account sometimes. Aaargh people go away. I still feel stage fright posting anything. Especially since one person who posted an earlier version of the tweet (I'd say 'the original' but there's at least two other versions floating around and I have no idea who said it first) is accusing me of plagiarism. Which, for reference, here is her version of the tweet and mine is... somewhere. And as far as I can tell in lawyer terms it comes under fair use, derivation or... something else, this is weird law here. And either way oh my god person I did not exactly choose to go viral here. I still have no idea when (other than an hour range) or how it did. Ugh. Person, I did not in fact stand there and copy your tweet and then sit there telling people to retweet it for an hour. Aaargh.

So apparently we are now two and a half minutes to midnight, according to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. Which is actually somewhat hopeful because I expected us to be closer. So I guess there's sort of a plus side that we're not. On the other had that was probably before the entire State Department leadership resigned so who the hell knows what's going on now. Plus side there, I don't think we're any more in trouble than we were before because I'm betting half the reason they resigned is because no one was listening to them in the first place.

I did not actually get any writing done after I checked in last night because, well, capoeira. I might get some done at work today because it is slow as hell. Did get the safe deposit box stuff done finally, which leaves social security card, passport, etc. In the boy's case, a copy of one of his forms that doesn't look like it was expelled by a drunken mimeograph machine.

Thingstuff. I'm running out of Donnie Yen and Jet Li to watch, I suppose I have the rest of Legends though. Interest in A Series of Unfortunate Events is waning, mostly because the whole Violet-Olaf thing squicks me right the hell out. Watched Voltron S2 already. Probably what's going to happen over the next several weeks is I'm going to rotate through various comfort watchings while I do things.

Mostly I feel like the past week is karmic retribution for unkind thoughts I've had over the last I don't know how long. And I'm just tired and I want it all to go away. Although the news cycle for once is more entertaining in the horrifying way than exhausting in the horrifying way. There's nothing I can do about the State Department leadership resigning en masse. I can call my Senator about the various nominations yet to be voted on more than once, but it feels overweening and being on the phone with official people stresses me out quite a bit anyway.

I do have books to read, though. Fiction and non. That's not nothing.


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