Jan. 24th, 2017

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Called my House Rep on HR 7 as it supposedly? Might be? Up for a floor vote at noon (which means likely by the time I post this it's already passed or past. I'm not sure which verb is correct there. I doubt it'll do much since my rep is one of those slimy republicans who wants to appear respectable and protect the babies, but you never know.

One of those "hey it's super-easy to post erotica" posts came around on tumblr again, and between that and my fourth month in a row where I apparently have Kindle Royalties (anywhere between 5-20$ a month, it's not much but it's heartening) I'm once again considering writing erotical. Short fiction, this time. Whereby short I mean 25k-35k but look that's short for me. And if I get four of them I can package them up into a novel. I just have one question at all about writing erotica, which is to say where do you stop? Or do you just go into full on name the parts and try not to refer to sausages ... I don't know. That part I don't know. The rest of it is easy because as I have discovered writing fanfiction, I have never written a PWP that didn't overflow into plot and character development in my life.

I think I might start with The Covenant. Heh heh heh heh heh. (I probably won't, it just amuses me to think I could make money writing all those slow burn eventual orgy fics.)

Now I just have to decide if I'm going to publish this under a different pen name (I already have one picked out), and if I'm then going to tweet about it or post elsewhere or something. Decisions. Also grumping at the pile of day job that came in today preventing me from getting my ... what am I even calling it. My more emphasized writing. My originally intended writing done? Something. There's the erotica and then there's the everything else.

Somewhere between the first part of the entry and getting home with groceries a tweet I made shortly before the end of work went viral. G Willow Wilson RT'd it, Joy Reid quote-tweeted it, she's been one of the ones I've seen most quoted or tweeted in my no longer so small area of twitter, um. And I've gained about 300 followers, probably 400 the next time I check, in a few hours. I have no idea what to do with that other than maybe hide.

.... Well now I'm up by 500 followers so I know exactly what to do with that, I'm going to go write and do my languages and work and try not to think about it for at least twelve hours. This is not actually what going mad feels like, but this is definitely what being shoved out behind a microphone in front of a crowded stadium feels like.


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