Jan. 23rd, 2017

kittydesade: (and so good night)
Politics. Just. Fucking politics. For my own reference, tomorrow I am calling my senator on DeVos and probably also on House Resolution 7, which is just a more permanent and debilitating Hyde Amendment and fuck that noise. Today I called my Senator on Tillerson and Sessions, not that it did any good. I hope it did, but I really don't think so. I also did this thing from the Sierra Club regarding the Dakota Pipeline and its environmental impact and the Army Corps. Though I don't blame you if you don't want to put your address on things.

Okay, one paragraph of screaming, multiple paragraphs of good things. The marches! You guys! I did not end up participating as I went out to capoeira the morning of and for some reason the entire center where we usually do it was locked shut. Normally by the time I get there people have been there for at least half an hour already, even if the room itself isn't open the building is, and I can go in and sit somewhere out of the weather. But not this time. So I stood around for maybe 20 minutes and texted people and eventually the boy came and whisked me off to breakfast. Which was nice because otherwise it would have been a 10 minute walk in the cold and damp with me in my thin sweatpants to the store. But according to the Elf Lord, who did go, it was pretty much like being in one of the salmon streams at DragonCon. Wall-to-wall people and you could move about a step to any side if you wriggled. Everyone chanting and listening to speakers. Several local speakers did Spanish-language speeches, which surprises me a little bit in a good way. I'd expect that in DC, but not so much in a southern Appalachian town.

I got the last of the chicken cut and cooked, I have not given into despair over politics. I studied all of my languages and got a fair bit of writing done, and got various things put away and the trash taken out and so on. Life goes on even if fairness, integrity, and voting rights don't.

And I have cats. Cats are good. And warm. And stampeding around the house at high volume, what on earth are you even doing up there.

The store's doing all right for now. January is typically a slump month but people seem to be buying yarn and things anyway. At least one out of a need to do something comforting, I know. Some of our customers are chatty. And apart from fighting off the death plague (seriously, Elf Lord was sick for a week and he and the Aunt are still coughing and clearing their throats every now and again) and needing this filling replaced I seem to be doing all right. The car is doing all right and doesn't seem to need replacing just yet.

And I'm contemplating adding Cantonese to the mix, which is probably not going to happen because really self and also Donnie Yen and Jet Li's entire fault.

(Also currently giving me amusement is the Fate/Stay Night anime, which just offered me up the gem of one of the protags appearing fist first, followed by "Sorry. I meant to say stop, but I punched you instead.")


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