Jan. 20th, 2017

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Today is apparently More Joy Day, so I will post only happy things.

I had an absolutely fabulous makeup day today. Even though I got distracted by a thing and ended up running late I also ended up with fabulous makeup. I remembered to bring materials for a healthy lunch, and my music is helping keep me energized and upbeat, or at least energized and wrathful enough to fight off the despair. It depends on the song and my mood. Also I brought headphones to work in case the Lurking Bandit blasts (he's half deaf) the inauguration so I don't have to listen to NPR today.

I went to order my next chunk of research books at the local bookstore and discovered there's a discount card for a lot of local stores (at least ten or twelve that I frequent anyway and a few more that I've thought of) that'll take on average 10% off whatever purchases I make, or services I get. Including the boy's massage place! Plus the girl there was very friendly and I found a Medici/Renaissance Florence/etc book that I don't need but look I'm finding that more and more fun anyway so *shrug*

I have an overabundance of things I could be doing, but my brain isn't working overdrive on Must! Do! All of them! For which I am fairly grateful. I am getting them done one by one, and not overstressing myself as I do.

Bat Cat went into the cat carrier by himself today, which means we might be able to get him into the carrier and take him to the vet without much incident. The boy also said he carried him around the house to at least introduce him by sight to the others. I'm not sure how much that'll do because they've already seen him several times at least, out the front windows and from the back patio, but sure why not. It can't hurt and they can at least smell him in the rest of the house too. Plus it gets Bat Cat used to being carried.

And the boy's dentistry yesterday, semi-emergency dentistry because he knew his molar had a chip in it but hadn't taken care of it because there were insurance and finding a new dentist issues to resolve. But that went well and cost considerably less than we expected because it wasn't as bad as the dentist had initially guessed. (Or predicted, possibly, in case he was wrong.) So it was more like $Massachusetts instead of $Montana.

So those are my happy things. Leave me a comment with a topic, either one you've seen me talk about here or one at complete random, and I will tell you something that brings me joy of it! Even if it's just "gee this looks cool I'd love to learn more" because come on, if there's one thing you should know about me by now it's that learning new things always brings me joy.


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