Jan. 16th, 2017

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I didn't have this headache when I got up and started getting ready for work, I swear.

Somehow I am getting shit done anyway. Small fiddly things like language practice in the mornings, hopefully bigger stuff like working on finishing the readover of Malchy in the afternoon. Then a readover of Long Road and a readover of what I have currently of Illyria/Glaucon which still doesn't have a title I'm happy with grrr. Somehow it will get done.

... not helped by the fact that being almost done with the Malachy read-through means I've realized how much of the ending and the underlying antagonist structure I have to research and rewrite argh.

My mother continues to be my mother, which means that while I'm dragging myself for a token appearance at the Asheville sister march to the women's march on Washington (it's right after morning capoeira so I'm undoubtedly going to be exhausted) she will be marching and shouting and god knows what all else. I learned my protesting and union-advocating and so on from her, she was marching and protesting when I was in diapers and before. I actually think it does her good to be this kind of energized, to have something she understands how to fight for. I could maybe, if we EVER have another era of calm again, guide her along advocating something like anti-online-bullying or something else, but this marching and protesting and organizing and banding together, this she understands down in her bones.

... I am tamed by the ferals, Cassius has only to meow at the utility room door and I go to pay him attention and feed him.

I'm not sure there's much other news. Politics continues to be a shitshow, and I'm not sure how much I can do about the immediate problems as far as Congress goes. My representative's newsletter email was turgid with gloating about how they were going to take down the ACA and I didn't see an upcoming town hall where I could ask him why he wanted me to die so much. My Senator is more quietly in favor of tearing down everything we've built in the last eight years but he's also pursuing the Russia portion with what seems to be the fervor of the true patriot. So to speak. So... eh? I'm not going to vote for him if he runs again next year, not unless he changes a lot of his stance on domestic issues, but yes go take a bite out of espionage. Go go go. Heres a geiger counter and a poison tester.

Yeah. Russia. Or to be more accurate since I actually love the country and wouldn't mind visiting someday, Putin. Fuck that guy.


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