Jan. 12th, 2017

kittydesade: A small stack of books tied together with string, a blue book is the top book with a card with a blue heart on top. (always something to be read)
And I was doing so good at not spending money till my next paycheck, and then I went and spent money. On a membership to Universal FanCon (by the time I post this you won't be able to pledge probably but here's the link anyway) in the hopes that I might be able to go sometime next year. It's not quite as faint a hope as it seems, if I can get a hotel room I might be able to get Mom to cover the plane fare and go visit her for a few days before or after the con. Which would also be fun. But oy. But at least I didn't back it at very much money. It was the whole thing where founding members get lifetime memberships that did it. That's a really good value if this takes off, and not a very big loss at all if we only get one convention out of it. Not really a loss at all really if we only get one convention out of it.

I'm mainlining Korra now. I want to shake Korra a lot of the time, but at least I know it ends well. And I probably won't want to shake her most of the time by the end. (Also she's probably me at that age. Let's be fair. I was totally that righteous and oh god that "I WILL DO THE THING" and deeply confused.)

I had a moment today of I want all the books. Again. Right now I want an Ars Goetia and a Lesser Key of Solomon maybe? I have the Key of Solomon the King, and the problem is there's like fifty of these books and I don't know how different they are. And a Pseudomonarchia Daemonium. I definitely need one of those, I don't have one yet. (And I should probably get to reading and working on White Lightning short stories too.) Argh too much research and writing and it's not my actual day job.

So, yes. I'm somewhat more cheerful today, even with the ACA votes meaning Congress is voting to kill us all rather than make it an even split for health care. And even with spending money I shouldn't have that means I now have less to spend on books in the immediate oops. Dammit, self, you have plenty of books to read as it is. And should get back to that. I'mma get back to that.


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