Jan. 11th, 2017

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Politics today (and yesterday, which is when this started) is driving me up all of the walls. Up and down a whole bunch of walls. Possibly the Great Wall. Apart from Sessions getting softball questions all day SCOTUS has now decided that we don't need new districts and elections in a hurry it's fine. God knows whether or not they're going to actually decide if we need to redraw the districts, we might be in for another four-five years of this bullshit. Four-fourteen? Depending on what happens at the next census. If there is a next census and we haven't descended into civil war. Don't get me started on the press conference clusterfuck and all that that implies.

So, yes. That is how far up the wall this day in politics is driving me. Plus I can't get my usual BC so far because every goddamn pharmacy I've talked to is out of it. The big grocery chain pharmacy does have a generic substitute, which I thought I was already taking the generic substitute, but. I'll get it and compare the ingredients with what I have. Still, the whole situation is stressful and not at all reassuring.

SO. Better news. Better something. I've started downloading all of the language files to flash drive, I really want a hard drive to back up that and my music and some other research PDFs but later. But for now, I think there are literally hundreds of languages in here. A few hundred at least, it claims 1300+ but until I start writing down all the names of the languages I question how extensive and their definition of "language book I have" and. But it's amazing. So much information, so many texts. All I need is notebooks and pens and an ability to read this information and I could be very happy and amuse myself for years. Literal years.

I mainlined Avatar: The Last Airbender in a little over a weekend, and the boy decided that since I liked it so much we'll get both that and Korra on DVD so, um. I have been converted? Also apparently I'm closest to the Earthbender. We now pause while I faceplant into a wall and mutter something about earth sided, Taurons, Tauruses, and all that.

I've been sleeping and/or fucking off a lot more than I meant to be the last few days, but overall I think my stress levels are high enough that I'm doing pretty damn good to get most of my shit done by the end of the day. I'm behind on novel work but not horribly far behind, and since I'm not going to capoeira tonight because today was too much of a scramble and the press conference fucked with my head even more I can spend most of this afternoon and tonight catching up, so there's that at least. Probably what I need to do is get off Twitter, which is my main source of news-related stress these days, for a while and just write.

I also want to just hang out and draw, but I think at this point I need to confine it to a half an hour here and there around my other work. Which is sad and pouty but eh. No, what I first need to do is get through the read-through of Long Road and Malachy and then I can start on going back and forth with art and everything else. Things that are soothing. God knows very little is soothing right now. But studying and practicing and so on is.


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