Jan. 9th, 2017

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I really, really, really need to remember to identify myself as a constituent to the offices I'm calling. Because okay, I talk like a Sorkin character. I was raised in an upper-middle class family in upper-class DC, I had embassies down the street from my house, I went to school with high-ranking politicians' kids, I really talk like it when I'm talking just at home to the BF. And when I'm tired, annoyed, and on the phone with my representatives. (I don't talk like this to customers, I've managed to get out of the habit, thankfully.) Also, I have a DC phone because that's where my immediate family lived for ages and we haven't changed our number in about that long.

So when I call up my Senator and say "as chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee I would expect him to wait until all the appropriate intelligence is in before confirming Sessions etc" as my DC way of DUDE BACKGROUND CHECKS WHAT THE FUCK, and I don't identify myself, and my phone has a DC number, I... who does he think is calling him? Go go inadvertent social engineering?

I kind of hope go go inadvertent social engineering. Maybe he thinks I'm with the CIA or something ridiculous like that. I would laugh my ass off.

Buuut that still doesn't count towards him being aware of what his constituents want, not that he necessarily gives a shit, but hey. So I should be good. Really.

Anyway. The weekend was surprisingly productive, I got a bunch of chicken shredded for later purposes, I got a cake baked and frosted with the last of the ganache FINALLY, apparently ganache for a two-layer 9" cake is one pack of chips and half a pint of heavy cream. NOT TWO. And I got dinner for tonight started, all it needs is some butter and cream, and spaghetti was made and pesto was also made because for no apparent reason, after a 6" snowfall, the boy decided that afternoon that what he wanted to make was pesto. I don't get it. I did poke him the whole way there and back (all of half a mile? a mile?) that this was a stupid trip, we didn't need anything at the grocery store. This is why we keep stocked all winter so we don't run into crowds and don't have to venture out on ice.

I finally broke out my brush pens. Overall I think the Pentel and the Pilot will probably be best for artwork, but the Kuretake is AMAZING for calligraphy. And the Tombow. I might get more Kuretake and Tombow pens for Japanese practice. I didn't get as much drawing as I wanted to, but maybe today since it's relatively quiet at work. For a value of relatively because people are wandering around being edgy about how their car won't start and it's making me edgy too. As it does.

T-11 days and counting to hell? I really don't know what to expect, and that bothers me worse than the alternative. So it goes.


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