Jan. 6th, 2017

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Okay, so far the only feedback I've gotten on the title "Lifestyles of the Modern Witch" is good feedback, so I'll run with that I guess at least until such time as I don't know even. So this ought to be interesting!

The boy is really really fed up with the car and looking at a replacement, and I'm fighting him on it in an effort to remind him that we don't want to pay a car payment and health insurance for both of us and god knows what else might happen, but. I don't know. We'll see how that shakes out. We'll see how the car dealership does at making this up to us. I guess the good part is we can wait for a car that meets our expectations, does what we need it to do and no more, etc. Did I say this in public? I don't think I did, the last time we got a new car it was because the transmission might well have dropped out of the last one. Not quite literally, but close. So we were in a bit of a hurry. This time, much less so, we're cleaning out the garage so there's one less place for debris to clog up the drains on the sunroof and hopefully it'll leak less. The car functions fine otherwise. If I can sit on his head about it, we'll be fine.

Once again, health goals are kicking into high gear as I pull myself together for a several year stretch of fighting myself on every damn thing. Which means food logging, which means, making sure there are protein things I want to eat that don't involve buying a chicken salad sandwich down the street. Which at the moment means making a shitload of bean burritos and freezing them for future consumption, keeping tuna and mayo and crackers at work, keeping cottage cheese and orange slices? at home. Well, testing that theory right now and then I can keep them at home if it works out, if not the cottage cheese can go in cheese sauce again. And then I need to actually remember to eat them instead of going straight for the mac and cheese. I might start dedicating a single shelf to "here are the cranberries, here is the cabbage, here is the shredded chicken, LOOK IT'S EASY ASSEMBLY FUCKING EAT HEALTHIER." Avoid the carb crash. Actually, that's not a bad idea. The keeping everything together on a shelf, that is. Making it then more likely that I'll see it and assemble something.

I don't know, maybe it is futile? But since I started I did learn that I can eat cottage cheese and make it into a lighter cheese sauce. I've learned to keep tuna and crackers at work. I've learned that tomato soup is something I can keep at work for a fairly long time and eat a large amount of healthy. Every time I try to eat better and get in better habits, a little of it sticks a little more. So let's see if this time what sticks is keeping shredded chicken and wrap bits in the fridge.

Still fairly worried and horrified by what's coming. Still battening down the hatches as much as I can. I'm not sure there's anything I can do more than I have already. I did get a small raise at work! That's a positive that may help me pay down/off the credit card sooner. I have a metric shitton of yarn to knit, sketchbooks to draw in, and infinite space on hard drives for novels as long as I have power and, hopefully, internet. I have all the language textbooks I could possibly use for the next ever. (I'm not kidding, at some point someone posted a PDF full of scans of things and the only way I could be more paranoid about having it no matter what is if I printed it to hard copy.) Oddly, or perhaps not given where I come from, I think I've hit the point where as long as the essentials of my life (roof over my head, food on the table, steady income) stay put, the luxuries I've got handled.

Of course it's the essentials that are in question right now with the Tangerine Tyrant and his backup singers of hell in power, but at least I have small things to make life livable while I call and call and call my congresspeople and fight as best I can.


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