Jan. 4th, 2017

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So, guess who didn't get his vet visit this morning and who therefore has to stay in quarantine. Yep. Plus the cats are wormy and flea-y again so we need to get that medication, and the home visit vet is booked up and not taking new clients. Yay. I guess the plus side is though that if we get on his client roster it's a home vet visit once a year to get everyone their shots and the worst we have to do is chase everyone around the house and lock them in the bedroom a bit. That's somehow much easier than stuffing them into the carrier, we do it every few months for flea stuff anyway.

I'm tired of worrying about that and I'm tired of freaking out because Congress wants to kill off large swaths of the US population by repealing the ACA. I'm really freaked out by that, considering that's where I get my health insurance and even though I have an out; if the boy and I get legally married I'll just go on his insurance. It won't be cheap, but it'll be better than me going off my current meds and being severely bipolar half the time. Probably literally half the time.

I can't think about this too much. I do need to call my congressfolk tomorrow morning, probably again at 6.30 so I don't have to deal with humans, and encourage other NCers to call their congressperson too. And. And I need to somehow shake this feeling of impending doom and inability to adult properly so why do I even exist. Yes, the weariness is so heavy that the ideation is cropping up again. Yay.

At least at this point I'm probably better equipped to deal with it than I was the last time.

Happier goddamn things. I got Aeon Timeline 2 installed on the desktop and Bat Cat, despite everything, has not taken to hiding from us or hissing or clawing us, he's still as affectionate as ever as long as we don't put him in the enclosed carrier. The half open carrier (it's one of those that splits apart) is fine! Just not the enclosed one. I started up a wiki for Black Ice/New Amsterdam, etc, and got one thing on it from the doc I'd started. I think I might just delete that doc so it doesn't clutter and keep working in there, and seriously phone Scrivener is one of the best purchases I've ever made. Love. So I am making progress on writing things, very slowly but definitely steadily. I've been a little too freaked/work's been a little too busy for me to make progress on reading, but I'm still working on that. Currently on book 2 of NK Jemisin's Inheritance Trilogy and working down The Body Keeps The Score. So. Things aren't all bad. Just one big-ish thing and one huge nationwide thing. But I'll get through this. Really, I will. Promise.


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