Jan. 2nd, 2017

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Yes, I am doing the thing with the LJ and the stuff and the going bye-bye, for the predictable reason but also because I just haven't logged in over there on any account whatsoever for, um. Years. Many years. I'm saving Pam and Nameless's stuff, I've imported Glaucon and Sam, and that's probably about it for me, honestly. I just haven't been posting or checking there. If you want me you can find me here, on Twitter, on tumblr, mainly with the same or a similar username.

Yesterday I ended up with a bad case of my head is too full and I have too many things to read, blegh. Today I ended up with a bad case of I have too many writing projects that I'm doing at the same time while I'm trying to do work things, and I can't tell if this is leading to a bad case of manic depression or other bipolarism/hypergraphia or if I'm just at the beginning stage where I want to do all the projects. Given current situations hell, it could be either. Aaargh.

And. While I'm thinking of that, though, and depression and everything, I have some thought on Jan 20 and everything. I mean, the election happened, and for a lot of people (including me, just ask my very patient boyfriend who was up with me all night while I had a panic attack) it felt as though the world ended. But it didn't so much end as our workload and daily struggle got added to, there was no big catastrophic bang. And on Jan 20, Jan 21, I think I at least am bracing for a catastrophic bang, and it's not going to happen. It's going to be more work, and more struggle, but there is no one moment of explosion and all the buildings immediately transform into a post apocalyptic set piece.

I don't know. I think maybe that's taking up energy I should be using elsewhere, such as figuring out how to organize my daily resistance action items and reminding myself that living well, especially when my living well includes studying other languages and cultures and being mindful of human difference is to be cherished and not stamped out, is a good resistance sometimes. There will be action items to call Senators about, I should dig up that spreadsheet and hope the people are updating it. I'm following the ACLU for my state on Twitter. I should keep a stash of stamps and envelopes in my computer desk so I can send Strongly Worded Letters to places like Simon and Schuster and so on. And other than that... and maybe making a small lawn-sized public spectacle of myself learning things... there's not too much I can do about what's coming. This isn't the kind of thing that ends with a bang and it's not going to be a revolution where I can pick up a musket and stand a post. And I need to remember that.

... No, what else I should be doing is looking at my month's goals on [community profile] inkingitout and seeing if anything needs to change now that I know I should be working on story wikis for the stories I'm editing. And then put the month's goals somewhere I can see them again and maybe that'll calm my brain down, when everything's organized. The rest shall stay as they are. /Hamlet

There. Now we feel better. Now we can get to doing work.


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