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Okay, so I didn't sleep quite as much as I meant to -- for one thing I was vicariously watching the end of Lost Girl again and for another I fell down a Babylon 5/TV Tropes rabbit hole -- but I did sleep consistently as much as my minimum and it was glorious. Apart from a brief moment of waking up to be annoyed at the heat and change the settings on the AC/fan.

My makeup skills are slowly leveling up! I managed to properly stab myself in the eye with a liner (as opposed to improperly) yesterday and I managed today to sort of do the under-eye shadow, albeit not with the proper blend of colors in the proper order because I was sleepy and in a rush and not blending anything. This is apparently why we invented color shifting eyeshadow to give us a nice multicolor look without having to apply more than one eyeshadow. STILL. Am very happy with my slowly acquired skills. Now I just need more colors of eyeliner...

And, you know, not to be a slowass at getting ready in the morning.

For the first time I feel like I don't actually need to buy anything to go to DragonCon. In part because I won't be cosplaying anything major, it's a lot harder to cosplay when you're busing to DragonCon and I already have all my pieces for all the street-clothes-with-props costumes. That said, I do think I'm going to need to buy a dedicated makeup case or at least find a suitable travel case somewhere for all the makeup I'm going to bring for cackling girlfriends time in hotel rooms. There is going to be so much cackling girlfriend time. I'm really, really looking forward to it.

Of course now that I've said that I realized wait a minute, I don't have a dragon to be Mother of Dragons with, I have a gryphon, I NEED A DRAGON WOODBABY. No, dude. No you don't. And if you do you can get one when the merch hall opens at the actual place where you are budgeting to spend absurd amounts of money, calm the fuck down.

I am looking forward to this weekend. I intend to stay at the house except for capoeira class and do nothing and see no one. I will probably do a lot of house cleaning because I tend to get inspired to do that when I'm home alone, but I might just sit and read all day. It'll be wonderful!
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