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Three. Three bites on the twitter machine. Okay then. Two of which seem to be presses I would like to submit to! And for the same novel, too. I don't even know what's going on but sure, why not. If I can stop hitting my head on things or getting disoriented for no damn reason. More emotionally than physically though, so at least it's not a health problem. Just a feeling overwhelmed problem.

Also US politics is balls and US politicians, or at least 60% of them, suck all the joy and hope out of everything. Brought to you by my first day of "wait I have to do writing work ugh" in a while.

Bit by bit. Day jobligations at least are light today, and I'm getting a fair bit of writing work done. Some in Malachy, some working on the queries for the pitches halp. Which is to say I should be able to get all of those off by Monday, but halp anyway. I'm going to reward myself with an Ulta order once I finish with Malachy, I have no idea what I'll reward myself with for getting all my submissions done. A day of doing nothing but sprawling in the sun and reading maybe. Something. I don't know.

That's okay though, I got a care package from a friend and it's full of makeup and you guys have no idea how much fun I'm going to have playing with this. So much fun. Maybe that'll be my reward for getting the submissions done, playing around with the makeup and practicing my pressed powder skills, which are still kind of urk but slowly getting better.
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